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Published on May 23, 2024
Portland Bridges Face Closures for Vanessa Kirby Film Shoot, Commuters Advised to Seek AlternativesMTV International, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Commuters in downtown Portland, brace yourselves for the Hollywood-induced gridlock – several key bridges are slated for temporary closures to make way for Vanessa Kirby's latest flick. According to Multnomah County, motorists must plot alternate routes as "The Night Always Comes" turns the cityscape into its backstage, per KGW reported.

The drama pulled from an Oregon novel by local author-musician Willy Vlautin, serves up some star power. Kirby's Oscar-nominated talent throws a spotlight on a gritty tale of a working-class Portlander's last-ditch hustle to settle debts. While the cameras roll, crossing the Willamette might just test the city's patience.

Portland is no stranger to the big screen and has seen its fair share of cinematic action, yet the disruptions poised by this production have city officials keen on keeping the traffic tangle to a manageable snarl. They're urging commuters to stay informed and consider public transport or cycling options where bridges like Hawthorne and the Steel are predicted to be hit with delays.

The high-stakes narrative of Kirby's character searching for financial salvation is ironically mirrored in the real-time gasoline that will be sacrificed as residents navigate the congestion. Whether they're bound for work or trying to make their timely commitments, it's the plot twist no one asked for.

Kirby's performance is shaping to be a vivid portrait of blue-collar struggle amidst the city's iconic backdrop. For now, Portlanders may be more concerned with the daily script of detours and delays instead of the drama unfolding on their doorstep. Multnomah County officials haven't released a detailed filming schedule yet, but updates can be expected as the production progresses.