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Published on May 20, 2024
Rich Shertenlieb Returns to Boston Airwaves with New Morning Show on WZLX-FMSource: Unsplash/ Jacob Hodgson

Boston sports radio veteran Rich Shertenlieb has bounced back onto the airwaves with his new self-titled radio show, "The Rich Shertenlieb Show," as of this Monday morning. Formerly one half of the successful "Toucher & Rich" duo on 98.5 The Sports Hub, Shertenlieb has switched teams to classic rock station 100.7 WZLX-FM, owned by iHeartRadio, where he's bringing his distinctive brand of sports commentary and humor to the breakfast time slot.

Replacing Pete McKenzie and Heather Ford, who had been regular fixtures on WZLZ's mornings since 2005, Shertenlieb's inaugural show lit up Boston's airwaves from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., jazzed with the acerbic wit and sports expertise that made him a household name. According to an interview with NBC Boston, the freshly minted radio show is set to feature a mix of co-hosts including Michael Hurley, formerly of CBS News Boston, and the former New England Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson.

The departure from his previous gig came after a trail of turmoil, leading Shertenlieb to take up the opportunity presented by WZLX with aplomb. Living up to the pressures of headlining his own show, Shertenlieb's comeback was brimming with anticipation. "If this fails, it's my name on it, but, you know what, it is what I've always wanted," he revealed in an interview, according to CBS News Boston.

The show promises a smorgasbord of sports, humor and pop culture analysis – from dissecting the Bruins' performance to scrutinizing the Celtics' prowess on the court. Shertenlieb was as excited as his listeners about his return, stating on his first show, "I've been looking forward to saying this for a while -- I'm Rich Shertenlieb and you're listening to 'The Rich Shertenlieb Show' on WZLX," according to information obtained by NBC Boston. And in a nod to his fans who have followed him over to his new station, Shertenlieb is resurrecting familiar segments from his "Toucher & Rich" days, proving that while the station may have changed, the unique Shertenlieb flavor remains the same.

For Boston sports fans, the dial now has a new destination each weekday morning. As Shertenlieb puts it, "We're going to complain about the Bruins, we're going to celebrate the Celtics and analyze the new Roadhouse movie, like it's the Zapruder film." A mix of sports commentary with a side of 'other crap' as he put it, "The Rich Shertenlieb Show" looks to carve out its niche in Boston’s competitive morning radio scene, as reported by CBS News Boston.