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Published on May 25, 2024
San José Community Shaken by 14th Homicide as Son Arrested for Mother's MurderSource: San José Police Department

The San José Police Department is reeling from the city's 14th homicide this year, yet another violent thread in the tapestry of local crime. On the otherwise quiet block of Shadow Dance Drive, patrol officers were summoned last Tuesday to confront what would soon be known as Homicide #14. They arrived around 10:47 AM, only to find an adult woman lifeless, her last breath a mystery to the morning air. The suspect was her son—34-year-old Roger Le.

Officers found Le in an unnerving calm, detached from the chaos his actions may have wrought. According to an official press release from the SJPD, Roger Le was taken into custody soon after, his fate sealed away at the Santa Clara County Main Jail on a charge of murder.

The investigation into the exact motives and the dark happenings behind closed doors continues as the Homicide Unit attempts to piece together a puzzle—each piece more haunting than the last. In a statement, SJPD urges anyone with information to step forward, beckoning witnesses from the shadows of apprehension with the promise of anonymity and, possibly, a cash reward from the Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers Program for leading them to an arrest.

The victim's identity remains under wraps, with the Santa Clara County Coroner’s Office taking the solemn duty of confirming her legacy before the public can mourn her by name. Detective Sergeant Barragan and Detective Van Brande bear the heavy task of offering some semblance of justice in the wake of what some might say is an unspeakable act.