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Published on May 09, 2024
Texas AG Ken Paxton's Lawsuit Against Biden Administration Over Alleged Media Censorship Moves ForwardSource: Ken Pax­ton Attorney General of Texas

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is celebrating a significant win in court after a federal judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit against the Biden administration accused of illicitly censoring U.S. media companies. The lawsuit, which was initiated by Paxton in December last year, targets the U.S. Department of State and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, among others, over what the Texas AG calls a conspiracy to silence, deplatform, and financially handicap media outlets that are out of favor with the government.

The crux of Paxton's argument centers on the "Global Engagement Center," a division of the State Department intended to counter foreign propaganda, which Paxton claims is illegally interfering in the news-media marketplace via funding censorship technologies and private censorship ventures. This intervention, according to the lawsuit, suppresses constitutionally protected speech and misuses taxpayer dollars. The Daily Wire and The Federalist have joined the fray alongside Texas, with the New Civil Liberties Alliance stepping in as co-counsel, according to the statement from the Attorney General's office.

“The Biden Administration made a reprehensible attempt to censor the American press with funding intended to monitor foreign propaganda, aiming to repress viewpoints the federal government disagreed with,” Paxton said. "Abusing taxpayer money, Biden repurposed a government agency into the censorship apparatus. It must stop, and I am proud to lead the Nation’s fight to save the First Amendment," he continued, as per the Texas Attorney General's news release.