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Published on May 22, 2024
Toshokan Omakase Makes Savory Comeback Amidst Holey Moley's Mini-Golf Fun in East AustinSource: Toshokan

A familiar player in Austin's dining scene, Toshokan Omakase, has made a return to its original East Austin location, now surrounded by the putters and playful environs of Holey Moley, an indoor mini-golf course. The sushi spot, celebrated for its 14-course meals, found its way back to 807 East Fourth Street this May after having to vacate last summer when Holey Moley swung into town, according to Eater Austin.

Despite having to relocate, Toshokan has managed to quickly become again, a key player in Austin’s upscale dining offerings. Owner C.K. Chin relished the unusual pairing, saying, “makes no sense,” in a discussion with Eater, suggesting the unusual mix adds to the experience. The restaurant, which offers only six seats per serving, creates an exclusive atmosphere, juxtaposed with the casual, kitschy setting of Holey Moley. Reservations are fiercely sought after, with bookings starting at $150 a head and made available as of June 1st.

Meanwhile, in North Austin, Putt Vegas has just welcomed guests to its Las Vegas-themed indoor mini-golf course. This 3,000-square-foot space located at Austin's on Interstate-35 is all about bringing a slice of Sin City to the neighborhood minus the gambling and long-haul flights. "Whether that be the whole family or a get-together with colleagues and friends,” Michael Goss, the local co-owner and president, told CBS Austin, as they're keen to offer an "elevated social gaming experience." The course showcases twelve holes, each representing iconic Vegas sights like the Fabulous Las Vegas sign.

The contrasting allure of a high-end dining experience within reach of a laid-back, neon-lit putter's paradise is a concoction that seems to be brewing quite the intrigue in Austin's ever-expanding oddities. Toshokan's resilience and adaptability in the face of change have allowed it to stick around alongside these burgeoning entertainment offerings. The eatery operates with seatings at 6 and 8:30 p.m., now enlivened with libations curated by new beverage director Nadia Hernandez, formerly the bar manager at South Congress Hotel's Watertrade. With its high stakes on high-concept dining, Toshokan's bet to once again draw in the crowds seems to be a hole-in-one strategy amid Austin's quirky landscape.