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Published on June 16, 2024
Fire Crews Douse Major Blaze on West Sixth Street in Austin, No Injuries ReportedSource: X / Austin Fire Department

In the early hours of Sunday, the Austin Fire Department was called to a blaze that engulfed a home in West Austin. According to KVUE, the house fire on West Sixth Street, situated between Baylor Street and North Lamar Boulevard, was reported to have been completely overtaken by flames when firefighters arrived on the scene.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire before 3 a.m. completely, preventing further damage. While putting out the fire, a house was saved from being completely destroyed. No injuries have been reported in relation to the incident. Investigators remained on site to determine the cause of the fire. Crews also worked to access multiple areas of fire extension.

Another report provided by CBS Austin indicated that the fire occurred at 1000 West 6th Street just after 2 a.m., urging people to avoid the area while the firefighting efforts were underway. The address, pinpointing the exact location of the fire between Baylor and South Lamar, was overhauled by fire crews who managed to extinguish deep pockets of fire.

The Austin Fire Department worked diligently to ensure the fire was controlled, with fire investigators staying on the scene to assess the cause and measure damages. The complexities of the fire required firefighters to navigate difficult conditions to ensure that the fire did not spread. While the concerted efforts of the crews surely prevented potential casualties, actual figures for the damage caused have yet to be disclosed. No injuries were reported, and as the investigation continues, further details regarding the circumstances of the fire are expected to emerge.