14th Annual Lily Street Block Sale

It's that time again. No, not set-your-clocks-back time. Much, much better. It's time for the 14th annual Lily Street Block Sale!

Taking place this Saturday from 9am-3pm, you have a chance to buy all the things missing in your home and sell all the (one man's trash is another man's) treasures that have been collecting in your closet. That lamp? Gone. That painting? Gone too. That life-sized cardboard cutout of Zoolander? We'll take that. The original deadline to participate was April 21, but a little birdie tells us you can probably still join with the originally priced $15 donation. Fun Details: -Location is on Lily Street from Franklin to Buchanan (cross streets of Buchanan, Laguna, Octavia and Gough) -$15 donation gets you advertisement space AND helps raise funds for Mo' Magic Youth Entrepreneur Program If you're interested in selling or donating, contact the organizers at cpusf.founded2002 [at] sbcglobal {{dot}} net or lilystreet [at] hotmail {{dot}} com. And if you don't plan on setting up a table, you better stop by to see what treasures await you. Any treasure but Zoolander. He's ours.

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14th annual lily street block sale