Odds and Ends, Friday 6/15

This week's Odds & Ends: Kim Novak, clowns in a bookstore, ice cream, and more.

First up: For those of you who pine for the Ice Cream Bar every second that you're not currently eating ice cream from the Ice Cream Bar, you can now check out their menu online. Who needs twitter when you can spend all day concocting your dream milkshake instead of working? ------------------- Pop in to see Fashion Exchange today: it's their official Haight Street location opening. Tell 'em Uppercasing sent you. ------------------- Tonight at Booksmith, 8PM: Literary Clown Foolery. Basically, it's clowns, in a bookstore, with an open bar. Any questions? Oh, you have several? Okay, well then, once a month, some graduates from the Circus Center come to the Booksmith with a rag-tag group of San Francisco performers and do a live, 90-minute burlesque show, with stunts and music and shenanigans. There are different literary or cultural themes every month, and tomorrow's theme is the San Francisco Olympians Festival. Guest Stuart Bousel of Theater Pub. $10, 8pm. ------------------- In case you missed it, Local Addition posted an interesting article about gentrification in the Haight, which seems especially relevant during rentpocalypse 2012. (And just to bring everything full circle, the article mentions the African American Shakespeare Company at the end, and one of the performers in that company is also the producer of Booksmith's clown show tonight.) ------------------- Kim Novak calls San Francisco her "favorite city in the world," and admits she used to party incognito in the Haight in a "long flowing skirt and bright red wig." You can see her paintings at the Old Mint starting tomorrow. ------------------- Loved to Death featured on Discovery's Oddities San Francisco! Great video at the link of your favorite taxidermy store and ours looking weird and beautiful as ever. -------------------- And that's all she wrote, folks! Happy Friday!

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