Upper Haighter Featured on Scoutmob

First of all, are you guys signed up with Scoutmob? You should be, because they'll send you great deals on restaurants, shops, and locally-produced swag, so go ahead and get that taken care of.

Welcome back! We wanted to let you know that right now you can get discounts on Summerized jewelry, which is made right here in the 'hood. Her designs are inspired by her day job as a graphic designer, and they're a mix of two and three-dimensional designs. She describes herself as a "bauble printer" (her designs are made with a 3D-Printer). "It's like printing my own diamonds," she told Scoutmob. You should check out her website, too, where you can read her bio, check out her entire Geometrica collection, and read her blog, on which she posts updates about her line, as well as charming anecdotes about life in the bay area. And when you're finished with all that, you should buy some jewelry for yourself and your loved ones, because it's gorgeous and locally made, and winter Christmas is coming.

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Upper haighter featured on scoutmob