Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on June 21, 2013
Muni Hits Car at Masonic and Oak
Last night at about 6:20, a bus hit a Volkswagen at the Masonic/Oak intersection and pushed it all the way to Fell Street. So that's what the helicopters were about.

Basically, the car was making a left from Masonic onto Oak during the illegal hours. Muni was going about 40 MPH, heading north on Masonic, crossing Oak. When they hit, the Muni driver went into shock and physically couldn't stop the bus. They veered into the panhandle east of Masonic, and the bus pushed the car clear to Fell Street. During the crash, a superhero surgery resident from UFSC pushed the stunned driver out of the way, stopped the bus, and then started doing triage on the other passengers. CBS reports:
Primus made a split-second decision to move the driver’s foot out of the way hit the brakes himself. After he stopped the bus, Primus then went to work doing triage, helping some of his fellow passengers with their injuries until ambulances arrived. “I just stopped the bus, I just did. I wouldn’t say I’m a hero or anything,” Primus said. “It just needed to be stopped.”
By some miracle, nobody was majorly hurt. The muni driver was taken to the hospital because of the shock (and some back pains), and the driver of the car walked away fine. This is pretty amazing considering that it went down at prime jogging/dog-walking/bike-commuting hours at the busiest intersection in the panhandle. Here are some photos we snapped at the scene. The bus hit the street sign:
Took out the garbage and narrowly missed the bench:
Slack-jawed on-lookers:
Another close-up of the accident:
The crash is still under investigation, so we'll let you know what they discover. Stay safe out there!