A Hidden Jungle Hair Salon In Hayes Valley

A Hidden Jungle Hair Salon In Hayes Valley
By Benna Wise - Published on January 22, 2014.
It seems an oxymoron: jungle-like plants reach their twirly wild limbs towards a giant skylight, while customers have their hair bleached and snipped into manicured ‘dos. That’s the allure of Hair of the Gods salon, and the name says it all: the vine-filled setting on Fell Street does, in fact, make you feel a little bit like a God(ess).

Hair of the Gods was founded by Geno Valle in 1997. He rents out hair stations to talented stylists who bring in their own clients and establish their own mini hair-salons, complete with individualized character and decor.
As for the plants, they represent a refreshing departure from the decor in your average salon. But they do more than just create a charming and relaxing atmosphere; the plants are purposeful. While Hair of the Gods uses mostly vegan products, the plants absorb lingering chemicals, effectively soaking up the fumes so that customers don’t have to. "Our plants love it here," Geno says. "The trees grow so much, we need to prune branches regularly." In light of San Francisco’s heightened awareness of environmental hazards, it’s a mystery why more salons don't have plants lining their walls. Hair of the Gods is located at 324 Fell Street, between Gough and Octavia. It's open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am to 8pm.