Hearth Coffee Roasters Coming To Old Sun Tanning Spot

Hearth Coffee Roasters Coming To Old Sun Tanning Spot
Hearth Coffee Roasters
By Roy - Published on February 03, 2014.
Sun Days Tanning (3985 17th Street)
Old Sun Days Tanning spot (3985 17th Street)
I know, I can hardly believe it myself, but the Castro coffee scene is about to get more crowded. A tipster let us know that the Merchants of Upper Market and Castro has confirmed that Hearth Coffee Roasters will be setting up a cafe in the old Sun Days Tanning spot (3985 17th Street). Hearth Coffee Roasters is a San Francisco-based coffee roaster that operated Brown Owl Coffee Cafe back in 2011-2012 to rave reviews in the Bay Guardian and The Bold Italic. They currently have no brick and mortar location, but their coffee beans are available at a couple of spots throughout the city including Heartbaker in the Richmond and Other Avenues Co-op in the Outer Sunset. Rumor has it the new coffee spot is set to offer food and libations as well, though I could not find a Alcohol Beverage Control License for that address or name in the system yet. There is no movement in the old Sun Days Tanning space yet which has sat unoccupied since August after the family who owned the business and the building moved out of the area and sold the building in September. We'll keep you in the loop when we hear more. P.S. One reader noted in a previous post that coffee shops are now the new bars suggesting a shift in places that people go to gather and socialize. Coffee shops have always been a place to meet and hangout and I don't see bars going out of style in the Castro anytime soon, but do you think with the growing tide of coffee shops hitting the Castro (and seeing success) that people will increasingly suggest grabbing a cup of joe over a cocktail?