Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on March 07, 2014
1564 MRKT: A Collective of ArtistsPhoto: Jared Schwartz/Hoodline
What do you call a group of artists working in the same location on nine different endeavors? 1564 MRKT.

If you walk around the corner from Javalencia and Market Street Cycles, turning left onto Market, you'll pass a one story building with a small window display of some clothes, bags and furniture and a long, narrow room behind it. Welcome to 1564 MRKT: a collection of artists, woodworkers, designers and crafters working on their own small businesses. We met up with Cleveland Motley, the founder of the space and current "landlord" to all the other artistic tenants, to learn more about what's going on. "I started a company about 1.5 years ago but needed to get out of my house" Cleveland told us. "I found this spot last May but it's pretty big so to make ends meet, I brought in other artists who can rent out space to work on their projects."

When you enter the first floor of the old Golden Gate Antiques, you see several stations situated throughout the long room. Cleveland is up front working on hand-made bags and backpacks. Behind him are groups working on letterpresses and other design projects. When you head downstairs, there are a few rooms filled with photography equipment and woodshops:

Cleveland mostly gets space requests directly or through friends of friends, but he's always open to hearing from other artists who need a place to rent (when space is available). As for his company, Motley Goods, Cleveland makes handmade bags that focus on form and function. You can get them in waterproof fabrics and custom ordered like the one he's working on below.

They're only here temporarily because the building is in escrow, so stop by while you can. Whether you want to talk to Cleveland about utilizing the space, or see the different products people are working on, it's worth checking out soon.