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Published on May 02, 2024
Galinette to Serve French Beachside Fare in San Francisco's Outer Sunset This JuneSource: Google Street View

The sands of San Francisco's Outer Sunset are set to become spiced with the flavors of France as Galinette, a 'beach bistro' brainchild of the seasoned culinary duo behind Bouche, announces its forthcoming opening. Pegged for a mid-June launch at 3560 Taraval Street, the latest venture from chef Jeremy Blaringhem and Julie Fulton, promises a laid-back vibe with hearty fare fit for the seaside, as revealed in an interview by SF Eater.

Swapping metropolitan chic for coastal charm, the menu at Galinette blends French culinary tradition with the casual flair of a beach hangout, patrons will find bourride, a fisherman's stew alongside bistro burgers, not to mention roasted chicken and fuss-free salads. Fulton's intent is clear; she envisions a space where the neighborhood can grab a bite any day of the week, reflecting a beach culture pedigree she and her team proudly wear on their sleeves - after all, they are “water people,” Fulton told SF Eater.

The backstory to this new venture is as rich as the dishes likely to grace its menu, as Blaringhem's culinary journey, documented by Galinettesf on Instagram, trails from his roots in Lille, France, under the tutelage of his mother, through stints in England and Paris, culminating in a love affair with San Francisco that began with a one-way flight in 2009. Blaringhem threw down his anchor in the Bay Area, elevating Bouche alongside travel companion and business partner Fulton.



An evolving seasonal menu ensures Galinette stays as dynamic as the tides it neighbors while plans for a "robust wine program" aim to fill the void on Taraval Street, featuring what Fulton brandishes as “bastard wines,” unsung heroes from small appellations and overlooked regions, “We’re being honest,” she asserts, placing a bold bet on their approach, Fulton detailed plans for the wine program to SF Eater.

Eager San Franciscans can expect doors to open at the previous Hotline venue, another establishment fallen to the city’s relentless culinary churn, which shuttered its Korean-Chinese offerings in the fall of 2022.