Bay Area/ San Francisco
Published on June 25, 2014
Red Victorian Bed & Breakfast Has Estate Sale, New Version Coming [Updated]Photo: Camden Avery/Hoodline
The legendary Red Victorian Bed & Breakfast at 1665 Haight Street is getting some new occupants, sort of. Full update below.

An estate sale is being held in the cafe downstairs, liquidating property and offloading old fixtures (old lamps, pictures, mirrors, bed frames).

An employee of the bed and breakfast named the Open Door Development LLC as part of the deal. Open Door appears to bear some affiliation with The Embassy Network; the two were part of a profile in the San Francisco Chronicle late last year featuring their experiments in high-end communal living arrangements like The Embassy, a facility recently bought and converted at 399 Webster in the Lower Haight.

In the Chronicle profile last year, Embassy Network and Open Door co-founder Jessy Kate Schingler discussed Embassy's interest in communal, productive living. Schingler responded by email to our queries about Open Door's involvement to clarify that Open Door and the Embassy Network are different companies, and that the Embassy was unable to share more information about the project at this time.

The new occupant's exact plans for the Red Vic remain unconfirmed, but it looks like a wine or coffee bar and renovated bed-and-breakfast are in the works. An employee at the B&B said that the new owner wanted to keep the legacy of the Red Vic intact. 

The Peaceful World Center, which until now has been housed at the Red Vic, is now seeking a new office in the Haight. 

[Update: Bold Italic has further details. The next version of the historic bed and breakfast-commune will continue to be a hotel available to anyone, with a mix of prices to help it be affordable – it wants to take a new approach to the ideas that the Red Vic has housed for many decades. 

We also talked to Schingler about the building and she says she's using Embassy software to help manage guest bookings, but is separately leasing the building from the existing owner, the nonprofit founded by Sami Sunchild before she passed away last year.]