What Does Hayes Valley Need?

What Does Hayes Valley Need?Photo: Jared Schwartz/Hoodline
Jared Schwartz
Published on June 10, 2014
A few weeks ago we shared that In Bed, the concept spinoff store from H.D. Buttercup, was closing up shop and moving its inventory back to its home base in SoMa. 
Now that 597 Hayes is empty, the space is empty and ready for a new tenant. Here's what we know about the location:

  • 1,200 square feet of ground floor space
  • 14-foot ceilings
  • Zoned for retail use only
According to this Craigslist post from 3 days ago, it's being advertised as a "fantastic pop-up opportunity" with rates of $350/day (weekday) and $400/day (weekends). You can also rent the space for a full week for $2,250 or an entire month for $8,000 (that's up from $7,000 a few weeks ago). 

We've reached out to the realtor to see if there's a plan for a business to move into this location full-time soon. As soon as we hear back, we'll be sure to let you know. 

Until then, we want to hear from you: when it comes to a new permanent fixture, what would you like to see go in this spot? And what does Hayes Valley need more of in general?