Cukui Clothing Set To Open August 2nd

Cukui Clothing Set To Open August 2nd
Photo: Cukui
By Camden Avery - Published on July 23, 2014.
The newest retail addition to the street is set to be Cukui, a Hawaiian-inspired clothing company currently based in San Jose. The store is planning an August 2nd opening in its new space, and will feature tank tops, t-shirts, hats, socks and assorted accessories in the $30-to-$100 range. 
Cukui's aesthetic is more in the RVCA vein: street art influences, bright colors, catchy graphics. From Cukui's website:

Cukui is rooted from a melting pot of chicanos, south pacific islanders, tattoo artists, and graffiti heads. Cukui is driven by art and limited edition designs and excusive releases. CUKUI started as a small collaboration between amigos Orly Locquiao, and Sammy Rodriguez. Since its inception, Cukui become recognized as a new genre in art and streetwear.

As with Diamond Supply Co. and Fresh Apparel, the question of the summer seems to be how many streetwear shops the Haight can reasonably support, especially on the block between Masonic and Ashbury, which currently houses RVCA, Black Scale, and True.

In any case, we bid Cukui a warm welcome.