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Published on October 02, 2014
Shuffle On The 600 Block For Edo Salon, Vickie's BoutiquePhoto: Andrew Dudley / Hoodline
The 600 block of Haight Street is going to see a number of changes in the weeks and months ahead, as an impending retrofit shakes up a couple of neighborhood staples.

Edo's temporary pop-up salon

First up, the building at the southwest corner of Haight and Steiner is about to undergo a mandatory retrofitting. The city requires all wood frame, pre-1978 buildings "with two or more stories over a soft or weak story that contain five or more dwelling units" to be retrofitted so they'll be more likely to survive the next Big One.

As such, Edo Salon at 601 Haight will temporarily have to vacate the space.

"We're a 'soft story' under six floors worth of apartments with our two walls being half windows and our basement salon being mostly brick," Edo manager Tiffany Ward tells us, "so we'll gladly take the update." 

Though Edo hopes (and plans) to eventually return to 601 Haight, where it has been located since 1998, the salon has an interim solution already worked out: it will reappear down the block as a pop-up salon at 631 Haight Street.  

The strange case of 631 Haight

631 Haight was most recently home to Haight Street Work Clothes, which closed in March. 

The address was almost home to a barber shop, which was slated to open this summer. In fact, it was so close to opening that we went inside and took photos of the space as it was nearing completion:

However, in one of the most mysterious developments we've ever encountered here at Hoodline, the barber shop suddenly vanished at the end of August, before it ever opened to the public. All of its contents were removed without explanation, and a "for rent" sign was hung in the storefront's window.

We have been trying to connect with the barber shop's owner for details on why the shop never opened, and we'll certainly update if and when we get more information.

Regardless, 631 Haight will soon be buzzing with activity again, as Edo takes over. The pop-up will run from October 7th (this coming Tuesday) until February, when construction on 601 Haight will hopefully be complete.

Vickie's Boutique also closes, for now

Finally, Edo's next-door neighbor Vickie's Street Shop Boutique at 603 Haight has also closed for the retrofit. 

We caught up with owner Victoria Davis by phone last week, and she confirmed that the shop — which has been open since the 1980s — would be closed during construction. A sign posted in the shop's window indicates as much:

However, Vickie expressed uncertainty to us as to whether the boutique would reopen after the retrofitting is done. So stay tuned on that. 

And there you have it: two shops vacating, one of which will pop up down the street, and one of which has an unclear future. We'll keep you posted as we learn more about the latest crop of shop shuffles on Haight.