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Published on May 03, 2024
San Francisco's How Weird Street Faire Postponed Due to Severe Weather ForecastSource: Natarajah, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Just when you thought you’d be celebrating this weekend with Star Wars costumes and electronic beats on the streets of San Francisco, the 25th annual How Weird Street Faire pulls the plug, citing lousy weather on looming horizons. The much-anticipated event—infamous for its quirky art, music, and outlandish vibes—has suddenly been "postponed" much to the chagrin of party-goers and die-hard fans of the eclectic fest.

With less than two days' notice, organizers scrapped the fair that was initially pegged for a Saturday spectacular. "How Weird St. Faire on Saturday, May 4th, is postponed due to severe weather," announced the event's team on Facebook just earlier this Thursday, as reported by SFist. We’re told to brace for a half-inch of rainfall and wind gusts that could ruffle even the most stalwart of costumed attendees—not the ideal backdrop for a street carnival.

But weather forecasters, quoted by SFist, imply that the worst of the wet might happen before the fiesta's start time. Meanwhile, this hasn't stopped other outdoor events from charging forward with plans. This begs the question—could there be more to the sudden shift in scheduling than what’s falling from the sky?

In a galaxy not so far away, June 22nd could be the next hope for the rescheduled event. "HW Organizers have petitioned SF Mayor's Office and City Officials to push for a quick reschedule," according to the same SFist article. Given that the Mayor's Office is eager for downtown buzz, chances are they could make those logistical leaps happen faster than a Kessel Run.

The force might not have been with ticket holders expecting a Saturday adventure, but hope isn't lost. While refunds for the How Weird Street Faire are in limbo, patience is seemingly expected from purchasers. "All Sales Are Final. All Purchases are NON-REFUNDABLE unless the Event is Cancelled or Postponed," reads the Eventbrite page, ironically adding that "The Event is Rain or Shine." On the other side of town, the San Francisco Chronicle indicates patrons should be eligible for refunds, although details on how and when are as enigmatic as an encrypted message from a droid.