Cole Valley Scam Artists Making The Rounds

Cole Valley Scam Artists Making The Rounds
By Amy Stephenson - Published on November 17, 2014.
Several neighbors in Cole Valley have reported to the Facebook group Cole Valley, A Not-So-Secret SF Neighborhood that they've recently had run-ins with some scammers going door-to-door, allegedly to raise money for a mysterious soccer-related venture. 
According to Cole Valley resident Jim Jones, two 20-something males were circulating around the neighborhood over the weekend. Their approach? Knock on a door, claim to be staying with their grandmother a "few blocks" away, make "all sorts of neighborly chit-chat," and then pull out a form saying that they were raising money for a soccer tournament in London. When asked a few basic follow-up questions about the tournament, Jones says they were unable to answer. 

Jones says the two were able to provide names and addresses of other neighbors who'd donated, so they've been convincing enough to persuade some folks in the area.

Another neighbor reports that two men with the same agenda came to her home twice in the past and claimed to be staying with their grandmother in a nearby house. The neighbor happened to know the couple living in the house that the scammers singled out, and when she called them on their lie, they "scampered off rapidly." 

Both incidents happened near Cole Valley/Ashbury Heights — one on Downey Street, and one on Willard Street. Another neighbor reported that the pair were also on Carmel Street, and yet another chimed in to say that "they definitely 'took' some folks on Clayton Street."

If this happens to you, you can contact Park Station to report the miscreants by dialing (415) 242-3000, or go ahead and call 911 if you feel unsafe.