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Published on May 07, 2024
Fremont Man Convicted of Multiple Felonies in Violent San Francisco Grindr EncounterSource: Google Street View

A Fremont man was found guilty of several felonies, including assault, after a violent encounter with a man he met on Grindr. Ronald Anthony Silveria, 27, was convicted on charges of first-degree robbery, false imprisonment by violence, identity theft, and misdemeanor assault, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins announced.

During the trial, evidence showed that on September 15, 2022, Silveria linked up with a man via the dating app and convinced him to meet at a San Francisco motel. In a sinister turn, Silveria brandished a firearm and coerced the man to tie himself to a bed, fully exposed and defenseless. He proceeded to rummage through the victim's personal items, striking the victim and demanding to be given passwords to his banking applications. In a statement obtained by the San Francisco District Attorney's Office, Jenkins dubbed the jury’s verdict a just outcome for Silveria's "despicable crimes."

The victim eventually managed to negotiate his release in exchange for a $400 withdrawal from an ATM after a harrowing ordeal where Silveria instructed him to meticulously wipe down the room, further adding to his humiliation and terror. After receiving the cash, Silveria left the victim stranded in Emeryville, making off with his car, phone, iPad, and wallet. Assistant District Attorney Edward Mario, whose office prosecuted the case, commended the victim for his courage during the trial, stating via the San Francisco District Attorney's Office, “Mr. Silveria preyed on a man who was in a trusting, compromised, and vulnerable position.”

Assistant District Attorney Edward Mario's team, along with the San Francisco Police Department’s Robbery Division, worked tirelessly to secure the conviction. Mario's sentiments, quoted from the District Attorney's website, expressed gratitude to the victim for being brave enough to relive a deeply traumatic event in the name of justice. This conviction could potentially place Silveria behind bars for up to twelve years. Silveria remains detained and is scheduled for his sentencing on May 22.