The Latest On Proposed Parking Permit Zone Area Q

The Latest On Proposed Parking Permit Zone Area QPhoto: Flickr / volvob12b
Andrew Dudley
Published on January 06, 2015
The SFMTA will be holding another public hearing next week to discuss the proposed parking permit zone known as Area Q.

Since our last update, a couple of notable tweaks have been made to the boundaries of the zone, which will encompass dozens of blocks in the area around Alamo Square. Here's the latest draft of the proposed map:

First, a southwestern chunk of the zone has been removed, west of Baker and south of the Panhandle.

Also, Area Q has been extended southward slightly on the blocks of Scott, Pierce, Steiner and Fillmore between Page and Haight. As we noted in November, some residents on those blocks were worried that they might be left out of both Areas Q and S, which would make spots on their streets all the more coveted by non-residents. Those four specific blocks will now be designated as "buffer" zones, where the two zones will overlap.

Here's a previous version of the Area Q map, for reference:

Other details of the zone include:

  • 2-hour parking from 8am to 6pm, except for Area Q permit holders, for the area north of the Panhandle between Broderick, Fell, Masonic and Fulton.
  • 2-hour parking from 9am to 8pm, except for Area Q permit holders, from Broderick east to Webster, between Golden Gate Avenue and Page.

If you're interested in giving your input on these changes, consider attending an upcoming SFMTA public hearing next Friday, January 16th. It's slated for 10am in City Hall's Room 416.