The Day The Beastie Boys Visited The Lower Haight

The Day The Beastie Boys Visited The Lower Haight
By Andrew Dudley - Published on February 12, 2015.

23 years ago tomorrow, the best-selling rap group of all time paid a visit to our fair neighborhood.

A recent post by Upper Playground tipped us to this video footage from February of 1992, in which the Beastie Boys hang out in Alamo Square with DJ Hurricane and shop for records at Groove Merchant:

As you might notice from the clip, this isn't the current Groove Merchant location at 687 Haight. Instead, the shop was located across the street and a block west, at 776 Haight, most recently home to P-KOK Eden. It moved to 687 Haight in 1994, current owner Chris Veltri tells us.

The footage is from February 13, 1992. Later that night, the group had a show at the I-Beam in the Upper Haight, which can be seen in video snippets and photos toward the end of the clip.

Two months after their San Francisco visit, the Beastie Boys released their third full-length LP, Check Your Head. One track from the album, "Professor Booty," features a shoutout to Groove Merchant:

"This one goes out to my man, the Groove Merchant
Coming through with beats for which I've been searching"

Veltri says that the Beastie Boys made occasional visits to Groove Merchant during that time and in the lead-up to their fourth album, Ill Communication. He doesn't recall their visiting the shop in its post-1994 location, however.

How has the neighborhood changed in the 23 years since the Beastie Boys' visit? We'll leave that up to you to decide.

In the meantime, unwind to the dulcet tones of the Beastie Boys, captured onstage at the I-Beam at the end of their whirlwind San Francisco day.