Inner Sunset Week: Le Video Closes, Holiday Shopping, Pancake Breakfast, More

Inner Sunset Week: Le Video Closes, Holiday Shopping, Pancake Breakfast, More
Le Video in 2006. (Photo: Allan Ferguson/Flickr)
By Jonathan Gerfen - Published on December 10, 2015.

You might be mourning the loss of Le Video on a weekend with rain in the forecast, but before you start stockpiling DVDs from the library to settle in on the couch, here's a look at what you can do without a television set, and a review of the other big news in the neighborhood this week.

The biggest headline was, of course, the closure of the Sunset's iconic, 35-year-old video store. The good news is that Le Video's 90,000-title collection has been acquired, and will have a new home at the Mission's forthcoming Alamo Drafthouse cinema. 

If your kids are blanching at the prospect of a weekend without the 500th rerun of Finding Nemo, it might be time to get them outside. Tinkergarden, a NYC-based company that's offering classes in Golden Gate Park taught by locals, is promising parents it can reconnect their iPad-obsessed youngsters to nature

Unfortunately, the Inner Sunset as a whole didn't get to connect for one last Inner Sunset Sunday, as the Santastic event was rained out

The hot topics at the monthly SFPD Park Station community meeting, held earlier this week, included car burglaries and quality-of-life crimes. Auto break-ins are still up in the district, so be sure to lock your car and take all your valuables with you.

Speaking of automotive misfortune: the 7th and Lincoln Shell sustained some damage from a too-high semitruck. 

Now, to the weekend, which offers seasonal opportunities to do some shopping for local gifts and crafts, and, weather permitting, a few good reasons to get outside.

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