San Francisco

Super Bowl 50 Statue Removed From Alamo Square After Repeated Vandalism

Something is missing from Alamo Square Park this morning (and it isn't the enormous new anti-theft sign). Tipster LZ spotted the park's 1,600-pound Super Bowl 50 statue being loaded in a truck and driven away. 

The statue has been vandalized numerous times since it was installed in mid-January, without notification to neighborhood groups or fees paid to Recreation and Parks. It was spray-painted on its first night in the park, though cleanup crews quickly wiped away the damage from its graffiti-proof surface. The statue's solar panels were also smashed, and metal was ripped off its edges. 

Less easy to fix were the letters, rearranged on Wednesday to read "Superb Owl." By Friday night, the heavy statue had been knocked over and its lettering changed to "Oops," potentially spurring this latest development. 

We've reached out to the Super Bowl Host Committee to find out why the statue was removed and if it will return, and will update as we learn more.


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