The New Fillmore Monthly: Blue Bottle Coming, Jackson Fillmore's New Owners, Film Fest Farewell

The New Fillmore Monthly: Blue Bottle Coming, Jackson Fillmore's New Owners, Film Fest FarewellPhotos: The New Fillmore
Nuala Sawyer
Published on March 04, 2016

The New Fillmore, the neighborhood newspaper covering the intersection of the Fillmore, Japantown and Pacific Heights since 1986, published its March issue this week. Here's a quick look at the top stories.

A series of small businesses on Fillmore between Bush and Sutter are seeing inevitable rent raises, but of a different breed than what's taking place throughout the rest of the city. Landlord John “Jack” Molinari is raising the rents in reaction to the market, but works with each tenant to create a slow increase that accommodates their business, allowing many of them to stick around while keeping their prices low. You can read the full story with interviews of local businesses here.

Blue Bottle Coffee and Tartine Bakery were rumored to be taking over the shuttered Tully's on Fillmore and Jackson, but the merger fell through. Things have been silent the past few months, but Blue Bottle recently confirmed that they are still planning to take over the space solo, and will open up later this year. 

Designer shoe store Paolo closed its doors at 2000 Fillmore this year, and already a new tenant has been found for the space. New York designer Rachel Comey, who claims to have a “grassroots following among New York’s creative elite," will be taking over the lease. 

Big news for film buffs: The San Francisco Film Festival will be moving locations this year from the Kabuki Theater on Post to the Mission. The Festival has been held in the Fillmore neighborhood for decades.

As we also reported earlier this month, the John Coltrane Church at 1286 Fillmore will need to find a home within 60 days. The eviction comes at the same time as a tenant hunt is taking place for the former Yoshi's spot at 1300 Fillmore. 

A San Francisco judge upheld the sentencing of a former Fillmore neighborhood resident, who's currently serving time for second-degree murder. Fifteen years ago, Marjorie Knoller was sentenced after a dog-mauling attack that left one dead. New evidence and further controversy has pushed this case from strange to really bizarre—click through to read the full piece here.

Brother and sister duo Casey and Kelly Sullivan are the new owners of the much-loved Italian restaurant Jackson Fillmore, where they've eaten since they were children. In an interview with the New Fillmore, they describe why they love the 30-year-old business, and what changes—if any—they'll make to the space.

An old Victorian house at 2018 Webster St. has been vacant for over 25 years, but just got a new owner. It's survived earthquakes, a lot move and redevelopment, and is finally being turned into a residential space once more.

While The New Fillmore is fully available online for free (PDF), you can also get it in print if you live in its distribution area, or pay a small fee for a mail-order copy