Warriors Star Klay Thompson Visits The Lower Haight

Warriors Star Klay Thompson Visits The Lower HaightKlay Thompson Visits O'Looney's Market (Photo via Yousef Suleman/O'Looney's)
Diane Zimmer
Published on March 30, 2016

Exciting news from this past Saturday night in the Lower Haight, as Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson visited Mad Dog in the Fog for a drink with some friends (where we hear he sat unnoticed!) before heading to O'Looney's Market at Haight & Steiner, where he was gifted a bottle of Grey Goose.

Around 10 pm, Ibrahim Mohamad, grandson of O'Looney's owner Ribhi Mohamad, was working at the store when a customer tipped him off that the Warriors star was enjoying a drink down the street. Ibrahim went down to the bar and offered Klay a complimentary bottle of Grey Goose if the star stopped by. Not long after, Klay came in with a few of his friends, offering up selfies and autographs, and generally being friendly with onlookers.

Ibrahim Mohamad takes a selfie with Klay Thompson (Photo: O'Looney's)

When asked to comment, O'Looney's owner Ribhi Mohamad said, "He is definitely the most famous person to come into O'Looney's. Even my relatives back in Palestine are excited. I let the youngsters (Mohamad's grandkids) have the attention ... I was dealing with the customers. Klay played well on Sunday; maybe it was the Grey Goose!"

Klay Thompson and Mike Burt, bouncer at Toronado and bartender at Noc Noc (Photo: Mike Burt)

That's not all the excitement that happened at O'Looney's this past week: on Thursday, the market sold a scratch-off lottery ticket worth $100,000. Mohamad says it is by far the biggest winner they have ever had; about four years ago, they sold a ticket worth $47,000 and about two years ago had a $14,000 winner. 

The $100,000 winning ticket (Photo: Diane Zimmer/Hoodline)

You heard it here first: O'Looney's is having a moment.