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Published on April 11, 2016
SF Port Says Seawall Fix Will Cost Up To $5 BillionA map shows potential spread of the Bay into the city. (Map: Provided by Port of San Francisco)

The Port of San Francisco staff will give an informational presentation on the Seismic Earthquake Study on the city's northern seawall at Tuesday's Port Commission meeting, which begins at 3:15pm on the second floor of the Ferry Building. The full report is online for reading, if you can't make the meeting.

The report gives primary study findings, and asks for an initial $10 million for further studies (it's also getting help from the City Accelerator program). But most notably, it estimates that the costs to significantly improve the resiliency of the entire three miles of the Seawall and waterfront would be on the order of $2-$3 billion. Factoring in sea level rise, it adds, "costs could reach $5 billion to fully incorporate adaptation measures needed for the next 100 years."