Grocery Outlet To Debut Mission And Portola Locations This Year

Grocery Outlet To Debut Mission And Portola Locations This Year
Photo: furtwangl/Flickr
By Nuala Sawyer - Published on May 02, 2016.

It's official: Budget supermarket Grocery Outlet confirmed with us today that it will open two new stores in San Francisco this year, adding to its two preexisting locations in the city. The new stores were approved by the Planning Department last week, and are headed to Portola and the Mission. 

The Grocery Store chain prides itself on bargain prices. Through relationships with manufacturers and "opportunistic buying," the shop carries name brand items that are often up to 60 percent off the normal retail price. "Our customers are bargain hunters, coupon clippers, working parents, thriving families, and those who love high-quality products at very low prices," the company's website states.

There are currently two open Grocery Outlet locations in San Francisco—one in the Outer Richmond, and another in Visitacion Valley. 

The future Portola Grocery Outlet. (Photo: Google)

The Portola Grocery Outlet will take over a former Fresh & Easy on the corner of Silver Avenue and Somerset Street. The mostly residential neighborhood doesn't currently have a grocery store—though there is a Foods Co. a 15 minute walk east, and a Good Life Grocery a 30 minute walk north. 

The Fresh & Easy closed down its location at 1390 Silver Ave. last year. Before that, a grocery store called Bell Market occupied the 15,000-square-foot commercial space. 

A representative from Grocery Outlet told us that the supermarket will be open for business on August 18th.

The future Mission Grocery Outlet (Photo: Google)

In the Mission, Grocery Outlet will move into the old DeLano's Market at 1245 South Van Ness, which has stood empty, along with its 63-car parking lot, since 2010. According to SocketSite, Fresh & Easy was contemplating the space, but never took it over. Grocery Outlet has been eyeing it since last year. 

There are a number of small markets dotting the corners of this area of the Mission, but Grocery Outlet will offer a one-stop-shop experience for local residents; it's slated to open its doors on October 6th.

Thanks to tipster Rich P. for the heads up.