Video Shows Alleged 'Vigilante Justice' Preceding Homeless Killing

Video Shows Alleged 'Vigilante Justice' Preceding Homeless Killing
Alvord Lake in happier days. (Photo: The West End/Flickr)
By Rose Garrett - Published on June 08, 2016.

Yesterday, we reported on developments in the case of 66-year-old homeless man Stephen Williams, who was found dead in Alvord Lake at the eastern end of Golden Gate Park on May 24th.

Two suspects, also identified as transients, have been charged in a case which saw Williams being intermittently kicked, stomped, rendered unconscious, and submerged in Alvord Lake over the course of three days, before he was ultimately found dead.

The Chronicle reports that, according to court filings, the suspects believed they were delivering “street justice” because Williams had allegedly exposed himself and masturbated near children in the park. 

NBC Bay Area has obtained video of an incident on May 22nd which initiated the series of assaults. In the video, the camera follows as a man NBC identifies as the victim is dragged into Alvord Lake by suspects in the case.

"This is what happens, bro," says one off-camera voice. "In the pond you go." The video goes on to show a suspect violently dunking Williams in the water.

"How does it feel to ___ in front of kids, huh?" someone asks Williams as he staggers out of the lake. "That's why they beat you up, you know that right?"

Nikki Lee Williams (who goes by the name "Evil") and 19-year-old Stephen Billingsly (aka "Pizza Steve"), have been arrested and charged, but investigators are looking for more suspects. Williams (no relation to "Evil") "was found to be the victim of conspiracy by many suspects," SFPD spokesman Carlos Manfredi told us yesterday.