Nude 'Summer Of Love' Parade To March From Castro To Haight This Sunday

Nude 'Summer Of Love' Parade To March From Castro To Haight This Sunday
A "nude-in" at Jane Warner Plaza in Feb. 2015. (Photo: Inti Gonzales)
By Camden Avery - Published on August 05, 2016.

Outside Lands isn't the only notable to-do on our side of the city this weekend.

This Sunday, August 7th, will be the first-ever "Nude Summer Of Love Parade", scheduled to gather at Jane Warner Plaza in the Castro at 11am and get started at noon. Participants will head up to Divisadero and west along Haight Street to Haight & Ashbury, where the procession will stop for photos, continue down to Stanyan, then head back along Haight and down to Jane Warner Plaza.

The parade is being organized in part by Gypsy Taub, a local body-freedom activist who you might remember from her arrest in last year's "nude-in" at Jane Warner Plaza, nude wedding atop the steps of City Hall, and fervent opposition to the city's ban on public nudity, which was instituted in 2012. (For a deep-dive into Taub's backstory and the state of nudity in SF, check out SF Weekly's feature story from December.)

The parade, which is an officially permitted event, is both a tribute to former Haight denizen Jerry Garcia (who was born on August 1st and died August 9th), and a celebration of "the hippie movement and all the liberation that it brought to America and to the rest of the world."

From Taub's event description:

Let’s get naked to honor and to celebrate the power of love and freedom! Let’s get naked to celebrate the beauty of an open heart and an open mind! Let’s celebrate the beauty of nature, of the human body and spirit!

... Please come as bare as you dare and please feel free to wear flowers, to paint peace signs on your body and to bring signs or objects that reflect the spirit of the Summer of Love!

It's not clear whether the parade will continue in future years, but for right now, Taub says it's a chance to continue the '60s-era tradition "of liberation of the human race through love, understanding and compassion."