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Published on August 15, 2016
Outer Sunset Crime: Muni Driver Threatened By Passenger With Knife, Auto Burglar Arrested, MoreSFPD vehicle. (Photo: Todd Lappin/Flickr)

It's been a couple of weeks since our last crime roundup, so here's the latest on crime and safety in the Outer Sunset. 

First, the good news. According to SFPD Taraval Station’s monthly crime statistics, auto thefts are trending down in the Taraval District. July saw 101 auto theft incidents, compared to 114 in June

Robberies also dropped: there were 11 in July, a decrease from 25 in June.

However, burglaries doubled from June to July: there were 25 in June, and 49 in July. In the July report, hot prowls (burglaries where the victim is present) and residential burglaries made up the bulk of crimes reported, with 15 hot prowls and 25 residential burglaries in the area. Nine commercial burglaries also occurred.

To protect yourself and your home from burglaries, SF SAFE has a list of handy tips. The list notes that “approximately half of all residential burglaries are made via unforced entries,” so start by always making sure that your doors and windows are locked.

Here are some of the notable recent crimes that have taken place in the Outer Sunset. All information comes from SFPD reports, unless otherwise noted.

Aggressive Passenger Brandishes Knife at Muni Driver

At 4:04am on August 1st, a Muni driver was threatened by a passenger with a knife at 19th Avenue and Judah Street. According to the driver, the male passenger was sitting near the back of the bus and had been "belligerent and loud" during the ride. The driver told the passenger to be quiet or get off the bus. The suspect refused, and at a stop, he brandished a knife at the driver, coming within three inches of the driver before exiting the bus. 

Man Arrested After Auto Break-in

At 2:57am on August 6th, a man was arrested for theft from a vehicle and possession of stolen property at 42nd Avenue and Kirkham Street. Officers responded to reports of auto burglaries in the area, locating the suspect through details provided by a witness. The suspect, who was carrying two bags, stated that they were his personal belongings. After officers ran a computer check, it was revealed that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest.

Officers then checked if there were any cars that had recently been broken into. They located one vehicle, "which had items strewn around the interior," and the owner confirmed that it had recently been burglarized. The vehicle owner's property was also discovered inside the bags carried by the suspect. After a witness confirmed seeing the suspect break into and take property from the vehicle, the suspect was arrested.

Man Arrested After Taking Drugs, Hearing Voices

At 12:21am on August 11th,  a man called police because he heard voices that told him his mother was in danger. Officers responded to the scene at 45th Avenue and Santiago Street and conducted a well-being check on the man's mother, who was not in danger. The man stated that he had heard the voices after taking illegal drugs. Officers discovered that the man had an outstanding warrant, and he was arrested.

Dog Bites Dog

On August 7th, at 1:10pm, a man reported an incident at Taraval Station where two off-leash bulldogs emerged from a nearby home and attacked his own dog. The larger bulldog bit the victim's dog, puncturing its left rear leg. The man kicked the larger bulldog off his dog, reported the incident to police, and then took his dog to a veterinarian.

Tomorrow: Community Meeting

If you want to share your concerns or learn more about crime and safety in the neighborhood, Taraval Station will be holding its monthly community meeting tomorrow night. The meeting will also feature an appearance by neighborhood prosecutor Archie Wong, who oversees the Tenderloin and Ingleside police districts.