Scenes From The 25th Annual Leather Walk

Scenes From The 25th Annual Leather Walk
Photos: Win Mixter/Hoodline
By Win Mixter - Published on September 19, 2016.

It was a blazing hot day in the city yesterday as a crowd of more than 150 people marched from the Castro to SoMa for the 25th annual Leather Walk.

Revelers gathered outside the Castro Theatre to start the walk. The event is organized by Folsom Street Events as the official kickoff for San Francisco's Leather Week. It also raised $9,500 for local organizations. 
A crowd of about 150 flowed through the event, joining along the route and peeling off to find shade on a hot, sunny day.
The sun was shining on the 25th anniversary of the walk.
The walk took participants down Market Street, with Powerhouse as the first destination along the route.
Police worked with organizers to ensure the route was safely demarcated for both drivers and pedestrians.
A team of leather devotees and various leather title holders from around the bay carried the blue, black, and red flag that signals leather pride.
A flatbed truck served as the walk's lead anchor, blasting music throwbacks from 1992 in celebration of the walk's origins.
Everyone was in good spirits throughout, relishing in the leather community-focused moment.
The first stop at Powerhouse featured performances by singers and dancers, while participants could enjoy a beverage and cool off.

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