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Upper Haight Infrastructure Project Strikes Yet Another Gas Line

Yet another gas line has been struck during construction work on the Upper Haight infrastructure project, which was troubled by a long string of gas leaks and sinkholes last year.

Around 11am this morning, contractor Ghilotti Brothers and their subcontractors, Anvil Builders and Michael O’Shaughnessy Construction, struck the gas line during work on the water line in front of Black Scale Clothing at 1409 Haight. 

Businesses on the south side of Haight Street near the Masonic intersection have been evacuated, including Gypsy, X-Generation, Black Scale, and True Clothing. Work has been stopped, but the street is still open to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

While no workers on the job site would comment on the cause of the gas leak, according to Dave Groeschel of Mom's Tattoo, "the contractor was hand-digging and broke a 1/2" flex gas line in front of Black Scale." 

Around this time last year, work on the infrastructure project was halted due to a series of gas leaks and sinkholes, which frequently forced the evacuation of area businesses. Subcontractor Synergy was later fired from the project, and after several dormant months, construction resumed in March with new subcontractors.

As always, we'll keep you posted as the story develops.


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