What's The Best Thing About Hayes Valley?

Once shadowed by a freeway, Hayes Valley is now a central shopping and dining destination that boasts murals, installation art and a walk-in outdoor movie theater

We've been asking around town to hear what people like best about their neighborhoods, from local businesses to unique experiences. And though Hayes Valley gets plenty of visitors, we're curious what locals who live, work, and spend time in the neighborhood like best about it.

Is it a particular retail store? A favorite local person, the best dining experience around, or something special that doesn't cost a dime?

Whether it's a specific business you can't live without, a person or place that deserves appreciation, or a hidden feature that's secretly awesome, we want to hear about it. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and look out for a future story summarizing what we heard from local readers.

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What s the best thing about hayes valley