FiDi & North Beach Crime: Purse Snatchings Galore

In this week's Central Station newsletter, Captain David Lazar recognizes his team's work to increase the police presence near the crooked part of Lombard Street in an effort to decrease theft in the area. He also points out that property crime, especially vehicle break-ins, is lower this year than the last.

The department has also made a number of new hires. "Overall we have more officers assigned to Central Station than we did last year at this time as the Department has steadily hired officers," he writes. "Our goal for 2017 is to work to reduce crime in the district. This will be accomplished by getting the community more involved in reporting crime and by working closely with us. When we partner together and trust is built, it makes for safer neighborhoods."

Now, on to our bi-weekly crime roundup culled from SFPD's daily reports. 

Man robbed at gunpoint while walking home 

Near the corner of Jasper Alley and Union Street in North Beach shortly after midnight on December 17th, a man, 31, was walking home when a suspect in his early 20s approached him from behind, brandished a gun and demanded his belongings. The victim handed over his wallet and the suspect told him to turn around and walk the other way. He complied, and the suspect fled on foot and got into a vehicle that sped off eastbound on Union Street. 

Woman punched after intervening in altercation 

A man got into a fight with two unknown men on December 18th at 1:30am, on the 1300 block of Grant Avenue in North Beach. His girlfriend, 22, tried to intervene, at which time another suspect, a woman, tried to steal her cell phone. She attempted to retain her property and the woman punched her and made off with the phone. The victim was injured and taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

Purse snatchers get away with goods

A robbery occurred on the 700 block of Bush Street in Nob Hill on December 18th, just after 10pm. A woman, 54 was walking with her purse over her shoulder when two unknown men walked up to her and grabbed it from her. A struggle ensued, but one of the suspects was able to take the bag and both suspects fled on foot to a waiting vehicle. During the escape, one of the suspects dropped a stolen cell phone. The victim lost her bag containing her wallet, sunglasses, checkbook and credit card. 

Attempted bank robbery thwarted

In the FiDi on December 23rd just before 11am on the 400 block of Montgomery Street, a man in his late 20s walked into a bank, waited in line and then placed a bag on the counter in front of a teller. He presented the teller with a note, presumably asking for money. The teller then called security and asked the suspect to leave the premises. The suspect fled the bank in an unknown direction. 

Woman attacked by purse snatcher

In Chinatown on December 26th at 6:25am, a woman, 71, was walking near Stockton and Clay Streets when a man in his late 30s to early 40s got out of his car and struck her until she fell to the ground. He then took her purse, containing her wallet, identification, credit cards and cash. He got back into his vehicle and drove off on Stockton Street. The victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Altercation at hotel leads to loss of purse

A group of individuals got into an argument in the lobby of a Union Square hotel on December 28th at 2am on the 300 block of Powell Street. The verbal argument turned physical when a male suspect in his 20s pepper-sprayed a woman, 20, in the eye and stole her purse. The suspect then fled the scene in a waiting sedan. The victim suffered minor injuries but refused transport to a hospital. 

Man attacks woman with broom 

A woman, 61, got into a fight with a man, 50, on the 500 block of Post Street in Lower Nob Hill on December 28th around 9:30pm. The man punched the victim in the face and jabbed her with a broom handle, then fled the scene. The victim was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries to her face and arm. 

Bouncer slams man after altercation

On December 29th on the 600 block of Bush Street in Nob Hill at 1:20am, a man, 44, reportedly attacked another man, 30, who was working as a bouncer at a night club. The bouncer then picked up the other man and slammed him to the ground, causing him to lose consciousness. He was then taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. It's unclear if anyone has been charged in this situation. 

Mark your calendars: the monthly Central Station community meeting will be moving to the first Monday of the month, from 6-7pm, beginning in February. January's meeting will be held on the third Thursday as usual—that's January 19th at 6-7pm. Check @SFPDCentral for the location.

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