Muni Train Tows Yet Another Wayward Car From Sunset Tunnel

Muni Train Tows Yet Another Wayward Car From Sunset TunnelPhotos: Dennis R.
Teresa Hammerl
Published on January 26, 2017

Just two weeks after someone overlooked the glaringly bright warning sign and drove into the Muni-only Sunset Tunnel, another driver ventured where no car ought to, getting stuck inside the tunnel at around 8pm last night.

The driver entered the tunnel, which connects Duboce Triangle with Cole Valley, from the Duboce side, causing Muni delays.

"The car got far enough into the tunnel that Muni personnel drove a train into the tunnel and used it to tow the car out using a heavy chain," said tipster Dennis R, who snapped some photos of the scene.

"When the car was towed out it seemed part of the exhaust system had come loose and was dragging," Dennis continued.

Muni sent shuttle buses as support of the N-Judah line, and shortly after 10pm trains were able to resume regular service.

Although there are brightly lit signs installed at either end of the tunnel warning drivers not to enter, it's not an uncommon occurrence.

Back in September, a car entered the tunnel from the Carl & Cole side, and last January, another driver seemed to make it almost all the way through the tunnel after entering on the Duboce side.

We're looking into whether SFMTA has plans for additional measures discouraging drivers from entering the tunnel, so stay tuned.