Pizza Alert: The Mill Will Soon Be Serving 'Za 6 Nights A Week

Last month, we reported that The Mill was expanding its food and beverage program to include veggie sandwiches from Thursday through Sunday, and beer and wine on its popular pizza nights.

At the time, pizza nights were still restricted to Mondays and Wednesdays, but owner Josey Baker just dropped a social media bomb that's sure to warm some hearts on this dreary day:

That's right: beginning this Saturday, The Mill is now offering pizza, salads, beer, and wine six nights a week. While Baker hinted at a Friday-night expansion when we contacted him back in January, today's announcement came as a surprise to us as well.

Tonight's pizza features ricotta, mushrooms, seeds and herbs. If you're up for it, slap on on a raincoat and brave the weather for a cheesy, steamy meal.

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Pizza alert the mill will soon be serving za 6 nights a week