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Published on February 04, 2017
Racist 'White Power' Note Left On Noe Valley Resident's CarThe incident occurred in the area of 23rd and Noe Streets. | Image: Google

[Ed. note: This story includes offensive language and racial slurs.]

A hateful note discovered glued to a car in Noe Valley has the owner of the vehicle vowing not to be intimidated by the perpetrator's racist diatribe.

The note, which was discovered on Thursday morning, makes reference to President Donald's Trump promise to build a wall along the Mexican border and uses derogatory language and racial slurs.

It reads:

Dayumm! Luxe hoopty for an unemployed wetback on welfare! You're the first fucking beaner our man Trump is going to toss back over the Wall! Only White Power will make America great again! You don't belong here! We don't want you! Go back where you came from you fucking spic!

The note was left pasted to the victim's car. | Photo: Christopher F./Nextdoor

"We found the screed spray-glued to the back window of my girlfriend's brand-new Chevrolet Volt," the victim's boyfriend told us. The Noe Valley couple told us they prefer to remain anonymous. 

The car had been parked overnight in front of their apartment building near the intersection of 23rd and Noe streets. According to the couple, the incident occurred sometime between 10pm and 7:30am on Feb 1st-2nd.

The couple say that this event is the latest in a series of incidents. Previously, someone chained the front gate of their apartment in the middle of the night, and they've received other hateful notes directed at "the loud Mexican lady."

The pair, both native San Franciscans, have been together for nine years. While neither of them is Mexican, the victim is Peruvian by ancestry.

"[My girlfriend]'s a property owner and was a caretaker for her grandparents who'd raised her for over 15 years until their passing," the man told us. "I'm a local, my family ran a live theatre here for 25 years, an entrepreneur in clean energy, hold numerous patents and served six years in the US Army."

The couple have filed a police report, and tell us that the SFPD Hate Crimes Unit "has indicated that they have classified this as a Hate Crime and when caught the perpetrator will be charged accordingly."

We've contacted SFPD for more details and confirmation that they are investigating this incident as a hate crime, but have not yet received a response.

"The angry soul who posted this is clearly energized by the hateful rhetoric of the Trump regime and obviously jealous and angry that someone not borne to privilege could possibly be showing the signs of accomplishment that years of sacrifice and kindness have brought her," said the victim, who took to Nextdoor to express her refusal to be intimidated:

Hi everyone, I'm the target of said "love note" placed on my car. 

I say "love note" because I refuse to be terrorized by someone so disappointed by life and circumstance that they feel justified in putting such a telling and distasteful message on someone else"s property.

I have not looked at this lovely note but I have read all of your comments and as I sit hear crying I would like....with all my heart, I want to express my thanks to everyone for the kind words and support and what I can only feel is love coming from all of you.

My tears are not for myself but for how overwhelmed I am at everyone, my neighbors, my community. This is the San Francisco I grew up in. People who speak up, stand up, hold those who have been injured and protect them even when its in spirit.

I refuse to say anything about this poor lost soul other than to say I am sorry you feel such hate. It must be so hard to have such destructive energy in heart. 

Please get some help. 

Further, You cannot intimidate me. You cannot terrorize me. You cannot make me submissive to your fears.

Not planning to sit back and do nothing, the victims said, "We intend to organize a response to this." The couple request that anyone who may have witnessed this incident contact the SFPD.