Marching Out: District 10 Plans 1st Float For Pride Parade

As the city kicks off Pride month, a community effort spearheaded by Supervisor Malia Cohen aims to have a strong presence for District 10 in this year's parade.

This is the first time that the district—which includes Bayview/Hunters Point, Dogpatch, Potrero Hill, and Vistacion Valley—will be participating with a float and a large contingent to march in the Pride parade.

The float will depict the massive Hunters Point Shipyard Gantry Crane, decorated with rainbow colors and surrounded by hills, water, and landmarks of the district.  

A sketch of District 10's Pride float. | Photo: Courtesy of Lawrence Cuevas

The Hunters Point Gantry crane—the largest in the world—was built in 1947 and used to lift heavy ships and shipboard equipment between 1941 and 1974, when the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard was most active.

Although several decades has passed since the shipyard closed, the 450-feet-tall, 8,400-pound crane remains in the area and is the largest crane in the world. Many consider the crane to be a historical landmark in the Bayview community.

“We chose the crane because it is an ever-present sight in the community," said float designer Lawrence Cuevas. “[It's] as visible as other iconic San Francisco sights ... I believe it can also be re-imagined as a symbol of optimism for the community's future.”

The community group behind the district's presence is being supported by the Merchants of Butchertown (MOB), which is comprised of residents and business owners who are craft food and wine makers.

(Butchertown was an area in the neighborhood during the 1920s and '30s. Now part of District 10, the area historically spanned Third Street from Oakdale Avenue to Cesar Chavez.)

Merchants of Butchertown at SF Beer Week. | Photo: Merchants of Butchertown/Facebook

To support the community's float, Butchertown Gourmet—a store with two LGBT-owned businesses and MOB members, Fox and Lion Bread and Gratta Wines—is hosting a benefit tonight called D10 Night Out. Proceeds from the event will go towards completing the build-out of the float.

 The event will feature live music from The Blackwomyn Trio from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Prizes will also be raffled off, including a Warriors jersey signed by Steph Curry. The Merchants of Butchertown will also be looking for residents to march in the Pride parade with the float.

The lead guitarist of Blakwomyn Trio. | Photo: Courtesy of Lawrence Cuevas

According to Cuevas, the theme of the parade this year, "A Celebration of Diversity," has resonated with the community. And although this is the first time that the district is participating in the parade as a community, Cuevas told us that “this isn't about saying that we're 'starting' something new."

"There has always been a strong, diverse, and proud LGBTQ community here," he noted, saying that he also hoped to bring everyday members of the community to march for Pride. 

"With the current state of the world," he continued, "being able to stand openly with your neighbors, support each other as a community, and celebrate the strength in that is more important than ever. We want people to know: whatever your walk of life, and whether you've been here for decades or days, District 10 welcomes and supports you.”

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Marching out district 10 plans 1st float for pride parade