'Pepe The Frog' Graffiti Crops Up In Golden Gate Park

A tipster this morning alerted us to the overnight appearance of a spray-painted Pepe the Frog on the sidewalk near the Conservatory of Flowers sidewalk.

The meme is commonly associated with the self-described "alt-right," a political movement many define as "a mix of racism, white nationalism and populism," according to the Associated Press.

"Spray painted (graffiti) Pepe the Frog (an alt-right symbol) found this morning (6/15) on the north sidewalk west of the Conservatory of Flowers," reported tipster JP.

Racially charged and racist slurs have been placed elsewhere in recent years, including an incident on Fulton St. in May 2016 and a Duboce Triangle tagging that resulted in an arrest by the SFPD.

Thanks to tipster J.P.

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Pepe the frog crops up in golden gate park