Hoodline Highlights: COAST Brings Occupational, Speech Therapy To Duboce Triangle

To close out the year, we've asked contributors to choose their favorite stories from 2017.

Hayes Valley and Duboce Triangle neighborhood editor Teresa Hammerl picked Duboce Triangle's COAST Brings The Neighborhood Into Occupational, Speech Therapy, which ran on January 24th.

"This story I covered at the beginning of the year is a good example of what it means to give readers a chance to get to know their neighborhood better," said Teresa.

"I walk past COAST almost every day, but from the outside, all I could ever see was a small waiting room. When I met the owners of the pediatric practice at 742 14th St., I was surprised to discover how much equipment they can actually fit in their studio hidden behind the waiting room."

Teresa noted that it was particularly interesting to learn how occupational therapist Michelle Kemper and speech language pathologist Jennifer Katz incorporate the neighborhood into their practice:

As part of therapy, Katz and Kemper often take their young clients on trips out into the neighborhood. Katz has taken kids to nearby cafes or shopping at Safeway, to teach them to interact, purchase food, and learn to ask where certain items are located.

While the two women were also initially concerned about the dog grooming salon next door to their offices, it's also proven to be a useful teaching tool. The noise from barking dogs can upset some of their more sensitive young clients, but it's also relatable to those who are particularly sensitive to getting their hair or nails cut or to taking baths. 

"When we hear the dogs barking, and it's an opportunity to talk about it," Kemper said. "Some dogs like taking baths, some dogs don't like it—just like the children do. We can ask the kids questions about it. 'What do you think the dog thinks about it?'"

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Hoodline highlights coast brings occupational speech therapy to duboce triangle