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Published on June 13, 2019
Unofficial Muni signage encourages riders to 'be gay, do crime'Photo: pridetrainsf/Twitter

In a nod to Pride Month, Wednesday-morning commuters on the N-Judah were greeted during rush hour with unofficial signs admonishing transphobia.

Printed on the laminated hangtags Muni often uses to distribute shutdown notices, the fake signs were formatted to look like Muni's official signage.

Instead of the usual red color scheme, however, they used the blue, pink and white of the transgender pride flag.

Muni confirmed on Twitter that they weren't responsible for the notices:

The signs read, in both English and Spanish:

Transphobia Prohibited
At all stops between Ocean Beach and Caltrain
We’re still f--king here
If you f--k with us, we’ll f--k you up
Be gay, do crime

The bottom right corner of the signs features an “anti-transphobia action” flag insignia, a play on the German anti-fascist symbol.

The "Transphobia Prohibited" sign in its entirety. | Photo: Alisha Foster
The hangtags were formatted to look like official Muni signage (pictured). | Photo: Teresa Hammerl/Hoodline

It's unclear who created the signs. The organization that created them bills itself as "Anti-Transphobia Action," but there appears to be no official group working under that name. 

An anonymous Twitter account, @pridetrainsf, appears to have been created by the signs' makers. Images it shared late on Tuesday night suggest that more signs may be forthcoming on other Muni lines.