Sasha Perigo

May 01, 2020
San Francisco Castro

Vacant Castro home occupied by unhoused SF residents in May Day protest

Couper Orona and Jess Gonzalez, who live in their vehicles, occupied a Castro home they say has sat vacant for four years. Read More

Apr 15, 2020
San Francisco Outer Sunset

Sloat Garden Center likely to close for new mixed-use development

Two different potential condo developments have been proposed for the site of the garden center, an Outer Sunset staple since the 1950s. Read More

Mar 24, 2020
San Francisco

Library's online collections help San Franciscans weather self-isolation

The library’s physical locations are closed during shelter-in-place orders. But its online resources are vast, from newspapers to movies to kids' content. Read More

Mar 18, 2020
San Francisco

Craigslist price-gougers could face legal penalties for marked-up COVID-19 supplies

Selling marked-up masks, hand sanitizer and toilet paper isn't just unethical — it's illegal. Read More

Feb 10, 2020
San Francisco

"I Voted", by mail: SF Department of Elections now includes stickers in vote-by-mail ballots

For the first time ever, the San Francisco Department of Elections has included “I voted!” stickers in vote by mail envelopes. Read More

Dec 10, 2019
San Francisco Inner Richmond Inner Sunset Outer Richmond Outer Sunset Parkside

Former SF Supervisor compares increasing housing development on city's west side to rape

The statement is emblematic of the current war over upzoning the Sunset and Richmond Districts, which is playing out at both city and state levels. Read More

Dec 03, 2019
San Francisco

SF's 'Tuesday noon siren' to blare its last for the next 2 years

A longstanding quirk of living in San Francisco, the siren is set to go on a lengthy hiatus after next Tuesday. Read More

Nov 27, 2019
San Francisco Outer Sunset

Second Outer Sunset project pursues more density with HOME-SF

Plans for a housing project at 3601 Lawton St in the Outer Sunset have been updated to include more homes. Read More

Nov 18, 2019
San Francisco Outer Sunset

Outer Sunset residents file appeal over 'toxic,' 'pre-apocalyptic' 20-unit apartment building

A group of Outer Sunset residents, led by Green Party member Mike Murphy, filed an appeal against a development planned for a vacant former site of a gas station. Read More

Nov 14, 2019
San Francisco

18-meter Greta Thunberg mural brings flood of controversy & commentary

On Tuesday evening, nonprofit One Atmosphere dedicated a completed mural of teenage Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg at 414 Mason Street. Read More

Nov 11, 2019
San Francisco Outer Sunset

20 apartments to rise on the site of former gas station in Outer Sunset

The project is a rarity for the Outer Sunset, where only 21 homes have been built since 2011. Read More

Nov 01, 2019
San Francisco Outer Sunset

Outer Sunset neighbors join forces for family-friendly, car-free Halloween

Mermaids, gnomes, and princesses roamed the Outer Sunset on Thursday evening, thanks to a community effort to close the block to cars. Read More

Oct 29, 2019
San Francisco

State of emergency for fires gives unexpected relief to California tenants

Evictions are rising, thanks to landlords fearful of California's new rent-cap bill. But raging wildfires have created an unexpected firewall for tenants. Read More

Oct 17, 2019
San Francisco

Report: SF adding equal numbers of high- and low-wage jobs, but not nearly enough low-wage housing

High- and low-wage jobs in SF are growing at equal rates, but only high-wage workers are getting their housing needs met. Read More

Jul 18, 2019
San Francisco

Bay Area real estate mogul hosts high-dollar Trump-Pence fundraiser in Nob Hill

Donald Trump, Jr., Fox News alum Kimberly Guilfoyle and a part-owner of the San Francisco Giants were among the attendees. Read More

Jun 13, 2019
San Francisco

Unofficial Muni signage encourages riders to 'be gay, do crime'

N-Judah commuters were greeted during rush hour with the unofficial signs, which admonish against transphobia. Read More

Jun 12, 2019
San Francisco

Task Force member goes on hunger strike to advocate for SRO rent reductions

Jordan Davis, a tenant representative to the city’s SRO Task Force, is asking the city to cap SRO rents at 30% of tenants' incomes. Read More

Jun 11, 2019
San Francisco

Upcoming Muni fare hike unfair to low-income riders who pay cash, advocates say

Despite the recent passage of a law requiring SF businesses to accept cash, Muni is set to raise fares on riders who pay cash on July 1. Read More

Jun 06, 2019
San Francisco

SF Pride considers excluding Google from parade over homophobic harassment on YouTube

Activists and former Google employees are lobbying Pride's board to exclude the company from this year's event. Read More

May 10, 2019
San Francisco

'Living a nightmare': San Francisco's homeless mothers share their stories

Homeless mothers rallied on the steps of City Hall on Thursday to demand stable housing for themselves and their children. Read More

Mar 29, 2019
San Francisco Tenderloin

Life in an SRO: Tenderloin residents open their home to neighbors for performance art piece

Residents of the Hotel Iroquois, a Tenderloin single-room-occupancy hotel, are opening its doors this weekend for free tours and performances. Read More