What are this year's top-rated and most improved public high schools in Seattle?

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By Hoodline - Published on August 13, 2019.

How strong are the public high schools in Seattle?

With a fresh school year kicking off, we analyzed newly released data from Niche.com, which incorporates comprehensive report cards, rankings and reviews to help you choose the right school, to identify those schools that made the biggest strides last year, as well as those that top the city's best public high school rankings.

West Seattle High School's overall rating improved the most among its peers in Seattle, rising from a B to an A-, according to data from Niche.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the school, located at 3000 California Ave. SW, enrolls 992 students. West Seattle High School serves a somewhat diverse population: 53% of students identify as white, 14% identify as Hispanic and 13% identify as Asian. Niche gave the school mixed grades: B+ on an A-D scale for academics, B- for administration and C- for clubs and activities.

The overall ranking comes from Niche's proprietary algorithms. A school's ranking might change due to many factors, including the relative rankings of similar schools and whether a school gained or lost peers due to openings or closings. Other numbers come from current public data from the U.S. government.

Academically, 62% of West Seattle High's students scored as proficient or above in math, and 91% did so in reading. That's compared to city averages of 48% in math and 79% in reading.

It's not the only school that's climbed Niche's rankings this year. Cleveland High School STEM saw its overall rating increase from a B+ to an A-. The school is located at 5511 15th Ave. S and is a bit smaller, currently serving 859 students, of whom 49% identify as Asian, 28% identify as black and 10% identify as Hispanic.

Niche gave Cleveland High School STEM mixed grades: B on an A-D scale for academics, B+ for administration and B- for clubs and activities. Cleveland High School STEM's latest math proficiency was at 47%, and reading proficiency was 87%. The school's upswing is notable since it serves a less affluent population, with 62% of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch.

The Center School also improved, from a B+ to an A-. The school is located at 305 Harrison St. and has 234 students currently enrolled, of whom 71% identify as white and 12% identify as Hispanic.

Niche gave The Center School mixed grades — A- on an A-D scale for academics, B- for administration and C- for clubs and activities. The Center School's latest math proficiency was at 65%, and reading proficiency was 95%.

While some public high schools in Seattle are moving up the ranks, others are consistently top-rated overall, including:

  • Garfield High School, with an overall rating of A+.
  • Roosevelt High School, with an A+ rating overall.
  • Ballard High School, rated A overall.

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