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Published on December 10, 2021
SF Chickenbox launches fundraiser to support kitchen, security upgrades“The SF Chickenbox” special. | Photo: Courtesy of Instagram via @sfchickenbox

What began as a SoMa pop-up restaurant in 2019, SF Chickenbox has since grown into a fully-fledged eatery with a permanent location at 464 Broadway. But without needed renovations, the North Beach business could go the way of the dodo bird. 

Christian Ciscle, the owner and operator of SF Chickenbox (formerly known for his fried chicken at Wing Wings and Little Skillet), launched a GoFundMe campaign this week calling for help in funding work around the new restaurant that would help it stay open later, allowing SF Chickenbox to take advantage of the late-night foot traffic common along Broadway. As it stands now, SF Chickenbox only opens until 10 p.m. during the week and weekend.


The donations, specifically, would go toward adding a security gate, a safe ordering window, new, more secure doors, and other kitchen and security upgrades — all of which will help them  “get back on solid ground.”

“Once we are able to open late-night, our business will nearly double,” Ciscle writes. A brief relocation to the Mission District last year abruptly ended this spring due to issues between the landlord. Though the restaurant eventually found its current North Beach space, the move cost the restaurant three months of lost business — “many repairs, permits, upgrades, and waiting in limbo to re-open the business depleted extra funds” — that drained its financial reserves and pandemic-afforded Small Business Administration loans. 

But the $35,000 GoFundMe campaign goal would not only help make up those lost funds but make seeing these upgrades into a reality.

“We need to make these upgrades as soon as possible, but we cannot do it without some help,” Ciscle adds in closing. “We want to raise $35,000 to cover the costs of the construction, new equipment and to add additional staff to get us through the next couple months. Every bit of help is appreciated by all of us here at SF Chickenpox.”

To get a taste of SF Chickenbox's fowl-filled menu — one that consists of fried chicken sandwiches served with mounds of lettuce, cabbage, and all the fixings; the “guwop” is basically their take on a chicken parmesan between two toasted buns — click here. More information on the restaurant’s GoFundMe campaign can be found at