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Published on June 29, 2023
Fearless San Francisco Shooting Victim Drove Himself to the Hospital; Crashed Into SFPD On WaySource: Google Street View

Tuesday saw an unfortunate series of events in the Potrero Terrace neighborhood where a man was shot at around 4 p.m. near 25th and Connecticut. In a dire need of immediate medical help, the victim took a bold step to drive himself to the hospital. However, his effort was marred when his vehicle collided with SFPD officers at the intersection of Coral Road and Carolina Street. Despite the crash, no further injuries were reported.

Upon informing the police about the gunshot he had received, the victim was escorted to Zuckerberg SF General Hospital. His resilience ensured that his injuries did not prove life-threatening; a survival is anticipated. Anyone able to provide further insights about the incident is encouraged to reach out to SFPD through their tipline or text. Continue Reading the Full Story on SFist -->

Photo: Google Street View