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Published on June 19, 2023
Violent Shootout In Which 10-Year-Old Child Was Shot Near SF's Fisherman's Wharf Leaves Six InjuredPhoto via Citizen app

On a Sunday night in San Francisco, chaos erupted as two vehicles engaged in a "rolling gun battle" in a bustling tourist area. Initially reported as two individuals being shot, it was later revealed that six people were injured, including four innocent bystanders. The incident began near Beach and Stockton streets, across from Pier 39, and continued with more gunfire near Embarcadero and Howard. Two girls, aged 10 and 16, were injured by one of the vehicles. The 16-year-old reportedly "struck but not injured," while three other individuals were hit by shards of glass from errant gunfire. Though none of the bystanders sustained life-threatening injuries, one person from the SUV involved suffered a life-threatening gunshot wound. The eerie aftermath of the shootout left multiple cars with bullet holes and the city's citizens grappling with the reality of crime in their city. Continue reading the complete article on SFist →

Photo via Citizen app