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Published on September 07, 2023
End of a Splashy Era as Raging Waters in San Jose Shutters PermanentlySource: Google Street View

Raging Waters San Jose announced today that the park would close for the season and not reopen in 2024, ending nearly four decades of cherished memories and summertime fun for the local community, NBC Bay Area reports.

While the park attributed its closure to a "business decision" in a statement on their official website, the announcement left many, including its employees, shocked and saddened. Some park staff have expressed their disappointment, noting that they were not informed through any official channels and only learned of the news through social media.

Ronit Prasad, an employee at the park, told NBC Bay Area, "I didn't really find out through any official channel other than social media. It feels a little sad for the community, if anything." Prasad grew up near the park and fondly reflected on the memories that were created within its walls. He also noted that the water park provided employment opportunities for local teenagers, giving them a chance to earn money during the summer months.

The park's closure follows a similar decision made by the company in the previous year to shut down Racing Waters in Sacramento. Raging Waters San Jose had been a fixture in the local community since its establishment and served as Northern California's largest water park.