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Published on September 22, 2023
Menlo Park's Annual Water Main Flushing Program Expect Reduced Water Pressure or Brown WaterSource: City of Menlo Park

Menlo Park's annual water main flushing program demonstrates the city's commitment to ensuring high-quality water for its residents, even during periods of drought. The city conducts scheduled preventative maintenance on dead end water mains from September through October to maintain water quality and improve water flow.

Dead end water mains are often found in cul-de-sacs and older neighborhoods, and may not provide enough flow to keep water fresh and maintain chlorine levels. Menlo Park Municipal Water's preventative maintenance cycle addresses this issue by flushing dead end water mains to ensure high water quality throughout the city, according to the Menlo Park Municipal Water announcement. As part of this process, staff members check the water and record data on chlorine residual levels and the estimated gallons flushed. This information helps determine which dead end mains need more frequent flushing, prioritizing the work and maintaining water quality for all residents.

However, the flushing process has some temporary side effects, such as reduced water pressure or brown water. Menlo Park Municipal Water advises customers experiencing these effects to flush their home's water lines by running indoor and outdoor faucets for one to three minutes until the water clears. While these temporary conditions pose no danger to the public, the city requests that residents report any occurrences of brown water at their homes.

Even during drought conditions, Menlo Park Municipal Water must flush water mains to maintain water quality. In 2022, the Water Quality Report highlighted the importance of quality control measures in ensuring a safe and reliable water supply. 

For more information about water quality, or to report a water quality concern, please contact Menlo Park Municipal Water directly or refer to the 2022 Water Quality Report.